Parameter Min Typ Max Units
 Supply Voltage Vcc 14.0 15.0   VDC
Vrb   -5.0  
 Output Current Igon     +5.0 A
Igoff     -5.0
 Input CMR   30   kV/µS
 Fault Output Current   5.0   mA
 Controlled Time Detect   2.6   µS
 Operating Temp Range -20   +70 °C
Recommended For: 600V Series IGBT (up to 600A)
1200V Series IGBT (up to 400A)
1700V Series IGBT (up to 200A)
 Case Size 1.693 x 1.024 x 0.394 In
43.00 x 26.00 x 10.00 mm
Model No. Gate V Peak Output I Isolation
 IGD841 +15/-5V +5A/-5A 3,750 VAC

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