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Typical Application Circuit 4: External EMC Components

The diagram above illustrates a typical connection of the 3. Recommended values for components are:
MSR7810W(L) series for applications that require meeting Component Value Component Value 4. The values for C1 and C2 are given in the
EMC standards. Some notes on this diagram (starting with the “Component Values” table on page 2.
input circuit) are: MOV S20K30 LDM2 12 µH 5. The LC fi lter LOUT & COUT is only needed if very
1. It is recommended that an external fuse be used. The recom- LDM1 82 µHC1/ C2 See Note 4 low ripple is required. Recommended values
mended fuse is shown in the model chart on page 2. C3 680 µF/50V LOUT 10 - 47 µH for these components are given in the table at
2. An external MOV is recommended on the input to protect the C4 4.7 µF/50V COUT 22 µF left.
unit in the event of a surge. A recommended value is given in
the table at right.
Mechanical Dimensions

Pin Connection
Positive Output
Pin Function
1 +VIN
Negative Output
Pin Function
1 +VIN

MicroPower Direct • All dimensions are typical in inches (mm)
• Tolerance x.xx = ±0.01 (±0.25)
• Pin 1 is marked by a “dot” or indentation
on the front of the unit
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