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Typical Connection

The IG275E series is a good match for the IGD962 type IGBT driver. The IG275E series may be used in a wide variety of on-board power
When combined, the IGD962 & IG275E provide the isolated gate distribution applications. However, with asymmetrical outputs, an
drive required for controlling high power IGBT modules. The IGD962 isolation barrier specifi ed at 3 kVAC, very low isolation capacitance
features an internal high speed optocoupler, high transient immunity, and a wide operating temperature range; they are an ideal choice for
short circuit protection and a fault signal output. It is packaged in IGBT drive & control circuits. They are specifi cally designed for use
a compact single-in-line (SIP) package that minimizes the required with 962 type IGBT drivers. A typical connection to the MicroPower
printed circuit board space. Direct IGD962 is shown in the diagram above.
The IGD962-5A converts logic level control signals into a fully isolated Some notes on this circuit (starting with the IG275-24E input) are:
gate drive of +15V/-8.5V. Gate drive current is 5A peak. Gate drive 1. The IG275-24E DC/DC should be mounted as close to the IGBT
power isolation is provided by the IG275E series DC/DC converters driver as possible, to minimize the length of connecting board
(see connection diagram above with the IG275-24E). Control signal traces or wires.
isolation is provided by an internal high speed optocoupler. Desatura- 2. The IG275E series does not include overload protection (typical of
tion detection is used for short circuit protection. See the IGD962-5A most low power DC/DC’s). It is recommended that an external fuse
datasheet (available on our website) for more information on the driver be used. The recommended fuse is shown in the model selection
specifications and connection. chart on page 2.
3. The addition of the input fi lter components (C4, C5 and LDM) will
Derating Curve typically bring the circuit to within the limits of EN 55022 Class B.
Capacitor CY is only required on model IG275-24E. The recom-
mended values for these components are shown in the table below.
If meeting EN 55022 class B is not a concern, the inductor (LDM)
and capacitor C4 can be eliminated (and CY for the IG275-24E).
In this case, the recommended value for C5 is 100 µF/35V.
4. The recommended values for the decoupling capacitors C6 and
C7 are shown in the table below. These low ESR capacitors should
be mounted as close to the IGD962 driver as possible.
5. Input fi ltering components (C4, C5 and LDM) should be mounted
as close to the unit as possible. The trace (or wire) between the
DC/DC and the driver circuit should be as short as possible.
6. The µC of the IGBT module should be 2 or less. For IGBT modules
with a µC greater than 2, we recommend our IG480 series.
7. Recommended values for components are:
Component 12 VIN 15 VIN 24 VIN
C4, C5 4.7 µF/50V 4.7 µF/50V 4.7 µF/50V
LDM 6.8 µH 6.8 µH 6.8 µH
CY --- --- 1 nF/3 kV
C6 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V
C7 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V
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