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Typical Connection

The IG220-xx series is specifi cally designed for The IG220-24 converts the input 24 VDC into If meeting EN 55022 class A or B is not a con-
use in gate driver circuits. With asymmetrical asymmetrical +20 VDC & -4 VDC outputs. These cern, the inductor (LDM) and one capacitor (C4)
outputs of +20 VDC & -4 VDC, an isolation barrier outputs are used to set up the positive/minus gate can be eliminated.
specifi ed at 3.5 kVAC, very low isolation capaci- bias required for high and low side switching. 4. The recommended values for the decoupling
tance and a wide operating temperature range; capacitors C6 and C7 are shown in the table
they are an ideal choice for Silicon Carbide (SiC) The IG220-24 also provides power isolation for below. These low ESR capacitors should be
MOSFET drive & control circuits. the gate drive. All models are specifi ed for 3.5 mounted as close to the driver circuit as pos-
kVAC I/O isolation. The optocoupler provides sible.
SiC MOSFETs are often used in high voltage, isolation for the control signal. 5. Input fi ltering components (C4, C5 and LDM)
very high frequency applications. The figure should be mounted as close to the unit as pos-
above illustrates a typical connection to a driver sible. The PC board trace (or wire) between the
circuit. Again, MPD offers a number of power Some notes on the IG220-xx connection (starting DC/DC and the driver circuit should be as short
products that can be used in gate driver circuits with the input) are: as possible.
(IGBT and SiC). 6. The use of tantalum capacitors in this circuit
1. The IG220-xx DC/DC should be mounted as should be avoided.
The circuit above uses three MPD parts. At the close to the SiC driver as possible, to minimize 7. Recommended values for components are:
top, a DC/DC converter is used convert the 24 the length of connecting board traces or wires.
Component 12 VIN 15 VIN 24 VIN
VDC bus into voltage levels required by the driver 2. The IG220 series does not include overload pro-
C4 4.7 µF/50V 4.7 µF/50V 4.7 µF/50V
components (if required). This converter also iso- tection (typical of most low power DC/DC’s). It
LDM 6.8 µH 6.8 µH 6.8 µH
lates the driver circuit from the power bus. MPD is recommended that an external fuse be used.
C5 4.7 µF/50V 4.7 µF/50V 4.7 µF/50V
offers hundreds of standard DC/DC converters The recommended fuse is shown in the model
that can be used for this purpose. chart on page two. C6 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V
3. The addition of the input fi lter components (C4, C7 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V 100 µF/35V
The MSR7805-05WUP is a miniature, very low C5 and LDM) will typically bring the IG220-xx cir-
cost switching regulator. In this circuit, it con- cuit to within the limits of EN 55022 Class B. The
verts the 24 VDC bus into a regulated 5 VDC that recommended values for these components are
is used for the input signal pull-up. shown in the table at right.
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