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Typical Connection
The IG120-20 is designed to be used in the driver
circuits for silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs. The
asymmetrical outputs of the IG120-20 provide
the +20V positive gate bias and -4V negative gate
bias needed to effi ciently switch the MOSFET.
The circuit a left shows a typical connection to a
driver circuit. With the input components C1, C2
and LDM, the unit should meet the limits of
EN 55022. If meeting EN 55022 is not required, a
single 100 uF/50V capacitor may be used.
The output decoupling capacitors should be
mounted as close to the driver circuitry as pos-
sible. All capacitors (input & output) should be
ceramic or electrolytic with low internal resistance.

Effi ciency vs Input Voltage Effi ciency vs Output Load

Derating Curve

Mechanical Dimensions

Pin Connections
Pin Function
2 Gnd
6 Common

• All dimensions are typical in inches (mm)
• Tolerance x.xx = ±0.02 (±0.50)
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