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Mechanical Dimensions

It is not required that the user connect the case ground
tabs (9 & 10 on the mechanical diagram) to the PCB.
However, connecting one or both tabs to a ground
plane on the PCB will help:
Pin Con nec tions
• Improve the unit’s resistance to vibration
Pin Single Output Pin Dual Output
• Improve the unit’s ability to dissipate heat
• Improve the unit’s resistance to ESD
3 Remote On/Off 3 Remote On/Off Call the factory for more information
7-VOUT 7 Common Notes:
8 No Connection 8 -VOUT • All dimensions are typical in inches (mm)
9 Case 9 Case • Pin Section Tolerance = ±0.004 (±0.100)
• General Tolerance x.xx = ±0.01 (±0.25)
10 Case 10 Case
• Pin 1 is marked by a “dot” or indentation on the top of the unit
Also Available: MD900xRW

Key Features:
For those applications that require high power den- • 9W Output Power
sity, but not a very wide input range, MPD offers the
MD900xRW series. These units also feature high power • Miniature SIP Case
density, a very high performance envelope and a wide • 2:1 Input Voltage Range
range of standard models. However, since thay are 2:1
input designs, they are offered at a lower cost. • 27 Single & Dual Output Models
• 1,600 VDC Isolation
Check them out now, or call the factory for free samples.
• Miniature SIP Case
• -40°C to +85°C Operation
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