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Remote ON/OFF Control
The MD600x-xxRWI is available with an optional remote control input. This input (pin 3) is
current controlled. The unit operates when this input is open. When the input is “high” (cur-
rent is fl owing into the pin), the converter shuts down. The input current to this pin should be
kept between 2 mA to 4 mA.
The diagram at right shows a simple connection for the control pin.
To order units with the control input, add a “-R” to the model number (i.e. MD605D-12RWI-R).
Remote On/Off
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Units
Supply On Open or High Impedance
Supply Off 2 4 mA
Standby Input Current 2.5 mA
Mechanical Dimensions

Pin Con nec tions
Standard Model Remote Control Model
Pin Single Output Pin Single Output
1-V 1-VIN
3 No Pin 3 Remote On/Off
5 No Pin 5 No Connection
6+V 6+VOUT
8 No Connection 8 No Connection
Pin Dual Output Pin Dual Output
3 No Connection 3 Remote On/Off
• All dimensions are typical in inches (mm)
• Tolerance x.xx = ±0.02 (±0.5) 5 No Connection 5 No Connection
• Pin 1 is marked by a “dot” or indentation on the top of the unit 6+VOUT 6+VOUT
7 Common 7 Common
8-V 8-VOUT
For Remote Control option, add suffi x “R” to
model number (i.e. MD624S-05RWI-R)
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