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Simple Connection

5 VDC 4.7 µF/50V 3.3 VDC 10 µF
9 VDC 2.2 µF/50V 5 VDC 10 µF
12 VDC 2.2 µF/50V 9 VDC 2.2 µF
15 VDC 2.2 µF/50V 12 VDC 2.2 µF
24 VDC 1.0 µF/50V 15 VDC 1.0 µF
24 VDC 1.0 µF
±3.3 VDC 4.7 µF
±5 VDC 4.7 µF
±9 VDC 1.0 µF
±12 VDC 1.0 µF
±15 VDC 0.47 µF
The diagram above illustrates a simple connection of the MD2xxD-xxE series. For applications that do not require
±24 VDC 0.47 µF
the circuit to meet EMI/EMC specifi cations, the capacitors C1, C3 and C4 will reduce input/output ripple and improve
the converter stability over time and temperature. The recommended component values are given in the table at right.

Typical Connection

The diagram above illustrates a typical dual output connection of the 3. Suggested component values are: 4. In many applications, simply adding input/output capacitors will en-
MD2xxS-xxE series for an application that requires compliance to EMI/EMC Component VIN: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V VIN: 24V hance the input surge protection & and reduce output ripple suf-
standards EN 55022 and EN 61000-4 (as specifi ed on page 1). Some notes on 4.7µF/50V 4.7µF/50V fi ciently. In this case, capacitors C1, C3 and C4 could be connected
these components are: C1 as shown in the simple connection above, without the other fi lter
1. An external fuse is recommended to protect the unit in the event of a fault C2 4.7µF/50V 4.7µF/50V components. Recommended capacitor values are given in the table
on the input line. A recommended value is given in model selection table on L1 6.8 µH 6.8 µH above.
page 2. C3 See C3/C4 in Table Above
2. The output fi ltering capacitor (C3) is a high frequency, low resistance electrolytic CY --- 1 nF/2 kV
capacitor. Care must be taken in choosing this capacitor not to exceed the
capacitive load specifi cation for the unit. Voltage derating of capacitors should
be 80% or above.

Typical Board Layout: Single Output Typical Board Layout: Dual Output

The diagrams above show typical PC board layouts for the MD2xx-xxE
with the input & output fi lter components shown above.
The minimum distance between the bonding pads for capacitors CY1 and
CY2 must be > 2mm,

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