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Model Selection Guide

Input Current Output Capacitive
Model (mA Typ) Effi ciency
Number Voltage Current (A) Load (%, Typ)
(VDC) (µF, Max)
115 VAC 230 VAC Max. Min.
MPM-40MS-05xx 716 429 5.0 8.00 0.00 8,000 81 Other outputs may be available
Contact the factory for details at:
MPM-40MS-12xx 689 414 12.0 3.33 0.00 3,900 84
MPM-40MS-15xx 680 408 15.0 2.66 0.00 3,900 85
MPM-40MS-24xx 687 413 24.0 1.66 0.00 680 84
MPM-40MD-12xx 687 413 ±12.0 ±1.66 0.00 1,500 84
MPM-40MD-15xx 680 408 ±15.0 ±1.33 0.00 1,000 85

Notes: Model Number
1. The specifi ed maximum capacitive load is for each output.
2. Inrush current is given for a cold start at 25°C.
3. Ripple and noise is measured with a 0.1 µF/50V MLCC and a
1 µF/50V aluminum electrolytic connected between the +VOUT
and -VOUT pins for single output models or from each output to
common for dual output models.
4. Over voltage protection is provided by a zener diode clamp.
5. Output overload protection is provided by a “hiccup mode” circuit
with auto-recovery. A long-term overload could damage the unit.
6. The unit will shutdown at 90°C. It will recover automatically at
about 67 °C.
7. Output short circuit protection is provided by a “hiccup mode”
circuit. The unit recovers automatically when the fault condition
is removed. Derating Curve
8. Free air (natural) convection is about 20 LFM, it is not equal to
“still” air.
9. Operation at no-load will not damage these units. However, they
may not meet all specifi cations.
10. It is recommended that an external slow blow fuse also be used
on the input for protection.

Chassis Mount & DIN Rail
All models of the MPM-40Mx series
are available in an encapsulated
package that can be mounted to a
chassis or cabinet and connected with
fl ying leads. To order the unit in this
package, add a “CM” to the end of the
product number.
This package can also be adapted for
use with a standard DIN rail by install-
ing a simple adapter kit. As illustrated
at right, this DIN rail kit consists of
a base plate, a DIN rail bracket and
the necessary hardware. For the
MPM-40Mx series the DIN rail kit is:

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