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Model Selection Guide
Output Voltage (VDC) Output Max.
Model Current With Output Ripple Effi ciency
Number PreSet Range 25 CFM Power & Noise (%) Models with other output voltage levels
(% p-p)
(Max A) (W)
are available (i.e. 15 VDC, 36 VDC, etc)
MPU-600CS-12YYZ 12 VDC 11.0 - 13.0 50.00 600 ±1% 80% Contact the factory for details at:
MPU-600CS-24YYZ 24 VDC 22.0 - 25.0 25.00 600 ±1% 80%
MPU-600CS-48YYZ 48 VDC 41.0 - 50.0 12.50 600 ±1% 80%
Model Number
1. Output regulation includes line & load.
2. Ripple & noise is measured from 10 Hz to 20 MHz. Connection to the unit is made with
a 0.1 µF ceramic capacitor & a 22 µF electrolytic capacitor connected in parallel.
3. A 1% minimum load is required to maintain regulation & ripple specifi cations.
4. Transient recovery is measured to within a 1% error band for a load step change of 50%
to 100%.
5. Isolation specifi cations are production HI-Pot tested for 3 seconds.
6. The full output range (see table) is covered in the safety agency certifi cation. Standard
models are factory set to the Preset voltage, but may be set to other levels within the
range without affecting the agency certifi cation. For more information, contact the factory.
7. Output power is given for the factory preset voltage. The maximum continuous output
power level is 600W with 25 CFM airfl ow. All models provide a peak power level of 900W
for a maximum duration of 500 µS. For more information, contact the factory.
8. Each unit includes an input fuse (250V/10A). Since this fuse is not fi eld replaceable, it is
recommended that an external fuse of the same size be used on the input of the power
supply for protection.
9. The Fan Drive output (at connector CN4) provides 12V/300 mA to drive an external fan.

Input Connector (CN1): Output Connector (CN2): Logic Signal Connector (CN3):
• Terminal Block: • Terminal Block: • Mating Part No:
Howder HD-121-3P: M3.5 Screws Howder HD-121-6P: M3.5 Screws JST XHP-5 or equivalent
3 terminals, 9.5 mm Centers 6 terminals, 9.5 mm Centers (CHYAO SHIUNN JS-1001-05)

Pin Function
Pin Function Pin Function
1 - Remote Sense
1 Field Ground 1+V
2 AC-Line 2+VOUT 2 + Remote Sense
3 AC Neutral 3+VOUT 3 Remote On/Off
4 Common
5 Power Good
Input Connector (CN1): 6-VOUT Interface Signals
• Molex Mating Part No:
Molex 09-91-7000 or equivalent Power Supply Bi-color LED Is green for “power on”;
(7 pins, two pins removed) On orange when protection enabled
Remote Sense Compensates for up to a 0.5V line drop
Pin Function Output Connector (CN2): Goes TTL high 100 to 500 mS after
• Molex Mating Part No:
1 Field Ground Power Good regulation. Goes low at least 1 mS
Molex 09-50-3141 or equivalent
2 Field Ground Signal before the loss of regulation. Will sink
3 Missing 100 mA.
4 AC-Line Pin Function
5 AC-Line 1+VOUT Remote On/Off A TTL low signal inhibits the output.
6 Missing 2+VOUT Hiccup mode.
7 AC-Neutral 3+VOUT
Input Connector (CN1): 5+VOUT Fan Driver Connector (CN4):
• IEC320 or equivalent • Mating Part No:
Available on “End Fan” models only JST XHP-2 or equivalent
10 -VOUT Pin Function
11 -VOUT 1 Minus
12 -VOUT 2 Plus
13 -VOUT
14 -VOUT
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