Page 1 - MPD MPU-500E Datasheet
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MPU-500E Series

Single Output 500W

Power Factor Corrected

AC/DC Power Supplies

Electrical Specifi cations
Key Features: Specifi cations typical @ +25°C, nominal input voltage & rated output current, unless otherwise noted. Specifi cations subject to change without notice.
• Compact 500W Supply Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
• PFC to EN 61000-3-2 “D” Input Voltage Range Universal 90 264 VAC
Input Frequency 47 63 Hz
• EN 60950 Approved (UL)
Input Current, Full Load 90 VAC 8.0 A
• CE Certifi ed 110 VAC 35
Inrush Current, Cold Start A
• FCC Class B Emissions 220 VAC 70
Leakage Current 264 VAC 2.0 mA
• Universal AC Input
Power Factor Correction Meets EN 61000-3-2 Class D
• Current Share Option Input Protection T10A/250V Fuse
• Compact Case w/End Fan Input Undervoltage Protection Under 80 VAC ±5 VAC Unit Shuts Down; Unit Recovers Over 86 VAC
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Output Voltage Adjustment By Trim Pot ±5.0 %
Output Regulation, See Note 1 ±1.0 %
Hold Time 120 VAC, 80% Load 20 mSec
Ripple & Noise (20 MHz), See Note 2 See Model Selection Guide
Overload Protection Foldback Circuit, Autorecovery 110 140 %
Over Voltage Protection >130% of Rated Output Voltage. Recycle AC Input.
Over Temperature Protection Autorecovery +85 ºC
Temperature Coeffi cient ±0.04 %/ºC
Transient Recovery Time, See Note 4 50% Load Change 2.5 mS
Transient Response Deviation 5.0 %
Overshoot/Undershoot At Turn On/Off ±5.0 %
Turn On Delay 230 VAC 1.0 S
Output Short Circuit Continuous With Autorecovery
Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Input - Output 3,000
Isolation Voltage, See Note 5 Input - FG (Frame Ground) 1,500 VAC
Primary - Core 1,500
Switching Frequency Fixed 24 kHz
Interface Signals
LED Power Supply On Bi-color LED Is Green For Power On; Orange When Protection Enabled
Current Monitor A 0.5 to 3.0V Output That Represents 0% to 100% Output Current
Current Share Optional For Sharing Up To Four Units. Contact The Factory For Details
Remote Sense Compensates For Up To A 0.5V Line Drop
Goes TTL high 100 to 500 mS after regulation. Goes low at least 1 mS
Power Good Signal
before the loss of regulation. Will sink 100 mA.
MicroPower Direct Remote On/Off A TTL low signal inhibits the output. Hiccup mode.
292 Page Street Environmental
Suite D Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
Stoughton, MA 02072 Operating Temperature Range Ambient 0 +25 +70 ºC
USA Output Derating 2.5%/ ºC from +50 ºC to + 70 ºC
Storage Temperature Range -20 +85 ºC
T: (781) 344-8226 Cooling See Model Selection Guide
F: (781) 344-8481 Operating Humidity RH, Non-condensing 90 %
E: Reliability Specifi cations
W: Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units
MTBF MIL HDBK 217F, 30ºC, Gnd Benign 100 kHours
Safety Standards UL 60950, EN 60950
EMI Compliance Compliance to EN 55022 (CISPR22) Class B; EN 61000-3-2,3
EMS Immunity Compliance EN 6100-4-2,3,4,5,6,11; EN 55024, CE Marked (LVD)
Vibration Sinusoidal 5~50 Hz, Acceleration ±7.35 m/s on X, Y & Z Axis
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