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Model Selection Guide

Input Output Output Current (A) Over
Output Voltage Minimum Capacitive
Model Voltage Effi ciency
Number Current (A) Voltage Adjust Free Air Load Load Protection (%, Typ, 230 VAC)
(VDC) Range W/30 CFM (%) (µF Max)
115 VAC 230 VAC (VDC) 115 VAC 230 VAC (VDC Typ)
MPO-500S-12T 6.0 3.0 12.0 11.52 - 12.48 41.50 19.16 20.00 3.0 10,000 16.0 88
MPO-500S-24T 6.0 3.0 24.0 23.04 - 24.96 20.80 9.58 10.00 3.0 5,000 31.0 90
MPO-500S-48T 6.0 3.0 48.0 46.08 - 49.44 10.41 4.80 5.00 3.0 2,500 57.0 92
Notes: Block Diagram
1. PFC meets EN61000-3-2.
2. Load regulation is given for a load
change of 10% to 100%.
3. Ripple & noise is measured at 20
MHz bandwidth using a ceramic
0.1 µF and a low resistance electro-
lytic 47 µF capacitor connected in
parallel. The capacitors should be
mounted as close to the power supply
terminals as possible.
4. Output short circuit protection is pro-
vided by a “Hiccup” mode circuit.
5. The standby output voltage is 4.4 to
5.5 VDC at 0.4A max. It is accessible
at pins 1 & 2 on the CN3 connector.
6. Positive and negative sensing is avaii-
able at the connector CN3. If used, the
positive (+S at pin 8) sense should be
connected to the positive terminal of the
load, and the negative (-S at pin
7) should be connected to the negative terminal of
the load. The positive and negative leads should be
twisted together to minimize the effects of noise pick-
up. The maximum line drop compensation is 0.3V.
7. The Green LED (just above CN3 on the logic board)
indicates the DC output is present when it is lit. If the
LED is off when the unit is supposed to be operating,
it would indicate a fault condition.
8. These units will operate at no load without damage,
but they may not meet specifi cations. The recom-
mended minimum load is given in the model selection
chart above.
9. Each unit includes an input fuse. Since this fuse is not
fi eld replaceable, it is recommended that an external
fuse be used on the input of the power supply for
protection. For these units, a 8-9A/250V slow blow
fuse is recommended.
CN3 Connections
No. Function Description
1 -5 SB Return for stand by voltage output. Connected to -VOUT.
2 +5 SB Standby voltage output. See note 5 above.
3 GND Connected to -VOUT. Return for DC OK & RC.
4DC OK A small DC output, referenced to pin 3 (see diagram at left).
5-RC Return for the remote control. Connected to -VOUT.
6+RC Turns the output On/Off. See diagram below.
7-S -Sense connection. See note 6 above
8+S +Sense connection. See note 6 above

Remote On/Off
Output LED & Trim Operation of the unit can be controlled remotely through the use of a
switch or TTL signal. Contact the factory for more information.
Output LED: An LED lamp next to the output connec-
tor. The LED is on (Green)during normal operation. If
the LED is not lit, it indicates a problem with the supply. Between: +RC - -RC Output Status
SW1 Closed Of
Output Adjust: The output voltage can be adjusted
over the range given in the table below by using the SW1 Open On
trim pot located to the side (and just behind) of the
output connector. Great care should be taken not to DC Okay Signal
use excessive force when making any adjustment. To
much force may damage the wiper arm of the pot, Between: DC OK - GND Output Status
rendering the power supply inoperable. 3.7 VDC - 6.0 VDC On
0.0 VDC - 1.0 VDC Of
Model Adjustment Range
MPO-500S-12T 11.52 - 12.48 VDC When the unit is operating, a small, stable DC voltage is available
at pin 3 on CN3 (referenced to -VOUT). This voltage may be used for
MPO-500S-24T 23.04 - 24.98 VDC
remote monitoring to insure the unit is operating. Contact the factory
MPO-500S-48T 46.08 - 49.44 VDC
for more information.
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