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Model Selection Guide
Input Output Over Volt. Notes:
Model Effi ciency 1. Operation at no load will not damage the units, however, they may not meet
Number Current (A) Voltage Current (A) Protection (%, Typ) all specifi cations.
115 VAC 230 VAC (VDC) Max Min (VDC) 2. Load regulation is measured for an output change of 10% to 100% at nominal
input line.
MPM-20S-03 0.33 0.18 3.3 4.10 0.0 7.5 73 3. All units are rated for EN 55022 (CE/RE) class B without external components.
MPM-20S-05 0.33 0.18 5.0 3.50 0.0 7.5 75 4. All units are rated for EN 61000-4-4 (±2 kV) without external components. They
will meet EN 61000-4-4 (±4 kV) with additional input fi ltering as shown below.
MPM-20S-09 0.33 0.18 9.0 2.10 0.0 12.0 77
5. All units are rated for EN 61000-4-5 (±1 kV/±2 kV) without external components.
MPM-20S-12 0.33 0.18 12.0 1.60 0.0 20.0 81 They will meet EN 61000-4-5 (±2 kV/±4 kV) with additional input fi ltering as shown
MPM-20S-15 0.33 0.18 15.0 1.30 0.0 20.0 83 below.
6. It is recommended that a fuse be used on the input of a power supply for protection.
MPM-20S-24 0.33 0.18 24.0 0.85 0.0 30.0 85
For the MPM-20S series, a 3.15A/250 VAC slow blow should be used.
Typical Connection The diagram below illustrates a typical application connection of the MPM-20S-xx series. Notes on this circuit (starting with the input circuit) are:
1. It is recommended that an external fuse and NTC be used. The recommended
fuse is a 3.15A/250V slow blow and for the NTC, a 5D-9.
2. An external MOV is required on the input to protect the unit in the event of a surge.
A 561KD14 or equivalent is recommended.
3. A simple external circuit may be used to adjust the output ±10%. To adjust the
output DOWN, connect a 5%, 3W resistor between the plus output pin and the
VOUT trim pin. To adjust the output UP, connect a 5%, 3W resistor between the
minus output pin and the VOUT trim. Contact the factory for resistor values needed
to achieve a specifi c output.
4. Recommended output fi ltering capacitors are:
MPM-20S-03 330 µF/16V 0.01 µF/25V SMBJ7.0A
MPM-20S-05 330 µF/16V 0.01 µF/25V SMBJ7.0A
MPM-20S-09 220 µF/25V 0.01 µF/25V SMBJ12A
Typical Connection: With ACFM-01 Input Module (See note 5) MPM-20S-12 220 µF/25V 0.01 µF/25V SMBJ20A
MPM-20S-15 220 µF/25V 0.01 µF/25V SMBJ20A
MPM-20S-24 220 µF/25V 0.01 µF/25V SMBJ30A

Output capacitor (C2) is a high frequency, low resistance electrolytic capacitor.
Capacitor (C1) is ceramic. Voltage derating of capacitors should be 80% or above.
5. Input noise and surge suppression modules are available for a number of MPD
AC/DC power supplies. An MPM-20S-xx connection with the ACFM-01 is il-
lustrated in the diagram at left. For pricing or full technical information on these
modules (ACFM-01 and ACFM-02) please contact the factory.
Pin Connections
Pin Function Pin Function
1 AC-Ground 4 -Vout
Derating Curve 2 AC-Neutral 8 +Vout
Mechanical Dimensions 3 AC-Line Trim Trim

Input Voltage Vs Load

• All dimensions are typical in inches (mm)
• Tolerance x.xx = ±0.02 (±0.50)
MicroPower Direct The MPM-20-xx series is also available with
a chassis mount or DIN mount adapter.
Contact the factory for more information
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