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Model Selection Guide
Input Output 1. Operation at no load will not damage the units, however, they may not
Model Standby Capacitive Effi ciency meet all specifi cations.
Number Current (A) Voltage Current Power Load (%, Typ) 2. Load regulation is measured for an output change of 10% to 100% at
(VDC) (A Max.) (W, Max) (µF Max.)
115 VAC 230 VAC nominal input line.
3. All units are rated for EN 55022 (CE/RE) class B without external components.
MPM-12S-03EPB 0.280 0.190 3.3 2.400 0.3 10,000 74
4. All units are rated for EN 61000-4-4 (±4 kV) and EN 61000-4-5 (±2 kV) without
MPM-12S-05EPB 0.280 0.190 5.0 2.400 0.3 10,000 78 external components. They will meet EN 61000-4-5 (±4 kV/ ±6 kV) with ad-
MPM-12S-12EPB 0.280 0.190 12.0 1.000 0.3 5,400 82 ditional input fi ltering as shown below.
5. It is recommended that a fuse be used on the input of a power supply for
MPM-12S-15EPB 0.280 0.190 15.0 0.800 0.3 2,700 82 protection. For the MPM-12S-xxEPB series, a 3.15A/250 VAC slow
blow should be used.
MPM-12S-24EPB 0.280 0.190 24.0 0.500 0.3 1,500 83
Typical Connection The diagram below illustrates a typical application connection of the MPM-12EPB series. Notes on this circuit (starting with the input circuit) are:
1. It is recommended that an external fuse and NTC be used. The recommended
fuse is a 3.15A/250V slow blow and for the NTC, a 5D-9.
2. An external MOV is required on the input to protect the unit in the event of a
surge. A 561KD20 or equivalent is recommended.
3. Recommended output fi ltering capacitors are:
MPM-12S-03EPB 1.0 µF/50V 220 µF/10V SMBJ7.0A
MPM-12S-05EPB 1.0 µF/50V 220 µF/10V SMBJ7.0A
MPM-12S-12EPB 1.0 µF/50V 120 µF/25V SMBJ20A
MPM-12S-15EPB 1.0 µF/50V 120 µF/25V SMBJ20A
MPM-12S-24EPB 1.0 µF/50V 68 µF/35V SMBJ30A

The output fi ltering capacitor (C2) is a high frequency, low resistance electrolytic
Typical Connection: With ACFM-02 Input Module (See note 4) capacitor. Capacitor (C1) is ceramic. Voltage derating of capacitors should be
80% or above.
4. Input noise and surge suppression modules are available for a number of MPD
AC/DC power supplies. An MPM-12S-xxEPB connection with the ACFM-02
is illustrated in the diagram at left. For pricing or full technical information on
these modules (ACFM-01 and ACFM-02) please contact the factory.

Pin Connections
Pin Function Pin Function
Derating Curve 1 AC-Neutral 3 +Vo
2 AC-Line 4 -Vo

Mechanical Dimensions

Input Voltage Vs Load

• All dimensions are typical in inches (mm)
• Tolerance x.xx = ±0.02 (±0.50)
MicroPower Direct The MPM-20-xxEPB series is also available with
a chassis mount or DIN mount adapter.
Contact the factory for more information
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